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Finding the Perfect Workout Partner

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Surrounding yourself with others who share your fitness goals are one of the keys factors of success when undergoing a transformation.  This is why partner training or seeing two people work out together is becoming more common to see.

Besides having someone to share your journey with, there are some distinct advantages to having a workout partner:

1.  Accountability.  We are more likely to show up at the workout facility when we have to meet someone there.  By being accountable to one another you prevent those instances of just staying home because you “didn’t feel like” working out.  Remember, success is doing the things that have to get done even when you don’t “feel like it”.  Your partner will push you through these times.
2.  Focused results.  When you have a partner who knows your workout style, strengths and challenging times, your partner can help push you past your limits – physically and mentally.  Instead of choosing your “comfortable” weight, your partner can push you to reach your strength and muscle building goals by getting you “uncomfortable”.  When it gets uncomfortable, smile, because your going in the right direction 🙂
3.  Support and motivation.  Feel like going on a weekend binge?  How about those hard times when family functions filled with all of your favorite calorie filled, nutrient-less desserts confront you?  Rely on your workout partner to help support you when you feel overhwhelmed.
Unfortunately, the same workout partner- if not chosen wisely –can lead to some very frustrating outcomes and poor results.  How?
1.  Scheduling woes.  You have them.  Friends, family members who tell you they will work out with you, then on the day, they cancel or change times sometimes don’t even show up.
2.  Knowledge of proper workout design.  This is a personal trainer nightmare.  The friends that stack the weight and tell you to lift heavier and harder… Or the partners that let you choose your weight and stand beside you dilly dallying on their phone instead of watching your form or mindframe.
3.  Competitive streaks may trigger.  Don’t get me wrong, competition can be healthy but oftentimes we find too much competition results in inaction, injury or stressed relationships.  Think about those partners who “used to be able to bench over 2 hundred” then turns beet red and short of break during weight stacking!
How to Choose the Right Workout Partner
If you want fast results, this means making smarter choices.  It’s not an easy process but one that you should systematically begin to test.  You want your partner to move your forward in your transformation which means there are certainly trial and error moments.  Listen to Coach V share tips on how to go about finding one.  When you do, this is what has to happen next:
Step 1.  Know each others goals and set a plan.  Whether your goal is to finish a half marathon, compete in a triathlon or look good for a special event, share that with your partner.  Part of having a workout partner is to share your journey and this is a great start to being the best resource for one another.
Step 2.  Stay consistent and supportive.  Hold each other to the commitment and stick to the plan; this means keeping appointments, encouraging clean eating and enjoying each other’s company help minimize the stress of everyday life.
Step 3.  Take advantage of a personal trainer by splitting the costs to learn proper form, get partner workout ideas and best resources for nutrition guidance.  The more you surround yourself with fit and positive people, the faster and beautiful your transformation will be.
Found your workout partner and want some help moving forward?  Contact HLF today to learn about our small group training packages.