The HLF Training Philosophy

The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. It seems there is always a proven program or some type of new exercise equipment that is being touted as the fitness solution to meet your needs. You now realize it’s not so easy to know for sure which approach is the truth, or what piece of equipment will really improve your personal well-being and work for you.

Will these or any other hooks finally give you the success you’ve dreamed about, send you to the emergency room, or just leave you disappointed and frustrated one more time?

HLF Training Philosophy

Our mission is to provide you with a sound program specifically tailored to your needs now, and we’ll amend it so that it grows with you as you progress and your needs change down the road.

Higher Level Fitness will give you results that go further than cosmetic. Sure, you’ll look great and obtain a healthy ratio of body fat to lean muscle, which is a key measurement of health, but you’ll also get that “feel good” glow that comes from increased energy and a heightened state of overall health. You will become more agile and skilled in the sports in which you choose to participate and as you increase your fitness, you will reduce your chance of heart disease and be much better equipped to manage stress.

The programs we develop at Higher Level Fitness are a comprehensive lifestyle plan.

Training includes instruction in resistance training (using weights, kettlebells, tubes, bands, and machines), flexibility (safe stretching), nutrition (eating sensibly without hopping on the diet bandwagon), cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training. You will learn proper technique and the reasons why each of these areas of fitness are specifically important for you.

You’ll cross-train (change activities), and we’ll change how hard you work over specific time periods so you’ll stay interested, have fun, and keep the results coming. Rather than performing a flurry of mindless activity that gets you little more than sweaty, you will get a program that provides the maximum return for the goals that you set for yourself.

To determine if we are providing you with efficient training and instruction, we periodically re-evaluate your program. Constant supervision and adjustment are essential features of responsible fitness training and overall health. In addition to discussing your situation, needs, and preferences, we pledge to work with you so that these needs and desires are satisfied. That way, Higher Level Fitness’ major objective—your physical fitness and personal wellness—becomes the lifestyle you can live with. Call us today to book your complimentary body shape analysis and nutritional review!!!