Strengthen your core and your mind as you regain balance and posture in your body. Stand taller and stronger without tension but with more energy. Improve your strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and your performance in sports. Undo the tension and tightness daily life brings into your back and spine and feel better.


Linda is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor working with a wide variety of different clients. From special needs clients to athletes, health care workers to rehab clients and everyone in between. She enjoys seeing her clients own their bodies while building strength and flexibility. Pilates has been an important part of her life since training to be a professional dancer and is happy with how it has transformed along the way to stay up to date with all of the latest findings in medical science. Linda has personally learned at a very young age that core strength is fundamental to spine health. Overcoming Scoliosis with abdominal exercise to avoid having a metal pole permanently placed in her spine has led the way for her focus in body awareness with emphasis on the core.

True strength comes from within the core.