Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Employees have a responsibility to arrive at work in good health and the employer is responsible for providing a healthy workplace.

We spend a large part of our day at work so it is obvious that workplace wellness will have a powerful effect on work productivity, stress levels and overall mental and physical health. 

Employers know that workers will apply and stay in a job that pays well, provides career opportunities and challenges and offers benefits that contribute to quality of health and general fitness for themselves and their families.


In the past, workplace wellness programs focused on safety at the worksite and injury prevention for employees. Now, employers are exploring ways to help their employees choose healthier behaviours like being more physically active, eating better and living well.

Here at HLF, our goal is to provide Workplace Wellness programs tailored to an organizations needs and goals. We offer Fitness at Work exercise and stretching sessions and Lunch and Learn education workshops. Contact us now to learn more!!

Workplace Wellness
Workplace Wellness

After an education workshop conducted early this year entitled “Turning your Fitness Resolutions into Lifestyle Habits” along with a “No Excuse Workout” session, here are what some participants had to say:

I learned that I can exercise without working with machines or equipment. There are exercises that I can do that will accomplish something all while I watch TV!! From this new knowledge, I will make a commitment to do at least one step every day and try a few of the exercises given to us while I watch my favourite shows.

I learned that I need to focus on my needs and not what others are doing. I have to create a healthy lifestyle for myself which includes proper portions and learning more about my body shape and nutritional planning.

From this new knowledge, I will make better choices. Instead of having a ‘bad’ day, I must choose to change my choices within the next hour. 

— Jill N.

I didn’t know that I can use my hand as a gauge for portion sizes and that I can exercise even when I watch TV. It never occurred to me to do this, but I will now! 

— Anne I.

Don’t use the weight scale as my basis. Feel my body and how I look in my clothes as a basis of doing well. What I will apply from this new knowledge? Don’t say ‘I can’t.’ 

— Maria B.