Your first session will be a workout, not a wipeout!

Many first timers worry that they need to be “in shape” before coming to us. 
It’s our job to progress you slowly and meet you where your health and fitness needs are today.

Your First Workout

During the first visit, it is an opportunity to determine if the trainer-client relationship would be a good fit. Here at HLF, we only work with those who are serious about meeting their health and fitness goals. We have a great reputation and each of our clients are our walking, talking billboards. We want you, your family and friends to see that! 

We want you to get results and results come from those who are committed.

Generally, we will not put you through a gauntlet of fitness tests during your initial visit. Fitness assessment can be a double-edged sword that can straddle personal encouragement or humiliation. Some tests can even put you at risk for injury if not properly and timely administered.

We do, however, assess your endurance, core strength, use of proper form and flexibility. Should we decide we are a good fit, we will use this information to develop a program that will be appropriate to your current fitness level.

We’re so confident in being able to make a huge difference in your workouts and health that we believe this first workout will be the beginning of a long-term relationship. This workout is the beginning of an ongoing process where we work as a team to define your goals, interests, and desires. Over time, we’ll outline your program plan to achieve the results you are looking for.

Your First Workout

NOTE: Fitness testing with Higher Level Fitness is not diagnostic. Fitness and health testing at the Higher Level Fitness studio is a tool we use with discretion, to motivate you and further tailor your program to meet your individual workout needs.

Fitness testing and assessment are optional motivational tools that we’ll use with you when appropriate to your conditioning level. We evaluate health risks but further diagnostic testing should be done with your primary physician in a medical setting.